nicolaus and i had weekend full of friends, family, and a whole lotta sunshine.

on friday afternoon nicolaus and i both got off work early, so we (attempted) to go boating with our friends markell, jordan, kendel, jord, brian, and most importantly charlie (jordan and kendel's dog). between charlie rolling in dead fish, jumping off the boat, peeing on the lake patroller's car, and us nearly sinking the boat because something wasn't right with the engine, then almost getting a ticket from the cranky lake patroller lady, it was quite the adventure.

this is the adorable and mischievous charlie:

friday night went by a whole lot smoother. markell, grace and i have been planning a surprise going away party for our awesome friend jordan, because she just left today for a study abroad to south america, portugal, and spain. the party was a success: jordan was actually surprised, we had a bonfire, roasted s'mores, and caught up with old friends. i'm really gonna miss jordan but i know she's going to have an amazing time traveling!

this is the beauty jordan:

after the party, nicolaus and i hopped in the car with his family to drive down to cedar city to go to his cousin's graduation on saturday morning. his sweet cousin, kallie, just graduated from SUU in photography. after the ceremony, we drove down to st. george to stay for the rest of the weekend. it was so nice to spend two days lounging by the pool with all of nick's relatives. i love his family so much, and always feel so lucky to have gotten such great in-laws :)