we just had a very eventful weekend...here's how it went:

thursday night was kerry and austin's utah reception.

friday night we went to the carnival at strawberry days.

i was terrified on every ride.

neena and andy.

saturday was nick's grandparents 50th wedding anniversary party. then an afternoon of shopping. an evening of pizza and seeing moonrise kingdom. and a night with friends and storytime.

the venue and decorations were ridiculously cute.

the babies loved all the animals outside the party, at wheeler farm.

and nick and parker loved the spiders.

 gavin is the cutest baby.

jack and grandma dancing.

abigayle and i found ways to entertain ourselves in the gun stores.

aww the newlyweds :)

baby johnny is too precious

we were so happy to have ashley and johnny visit

kerry definitely snap chatted me this picture while i was reading 50 shades darker to the group.

sunday was a day filled church, friends, a trip to the lake at brighton, family dinner, and uno.

nick's fishing line got caught in the trees.

nick, kristen, russell, kerry, & austin.