Friday, July 6, 2012

the walkmen//beach house//bruges

ever heard of the twilight concert series? well, they're a bunch of shows that they have every thursday night in salt lake from july-august. they always have awesome line-ups and the best part is that they're only five dollars! they used to be free, but i'm really happy that they charge now because the crowds are sooo much better than they've been the last few years. less pushing, shoving, hobos, and freeloaders. now there are just a lot of ultra-hip music lovers...

so last night nick, parker, lauren and i went up to slc to see the walkmen and beach house. i've been listening to the walkmen a lot lately so i was real excited to see that they were playing this year, and they did not disappoint. they sounded awesome and solidified they're position as one of my favorite bands. i saw beach house open for vampire weekend a couple years ago, and i actually prefer they're music live so it was awesome to hear them again. 

after the show we walked over to bruges waffles and frites to get dinner. we discovered this little place after they featured it on the food network, and it was love at first taste. if you'd like to try the most delicious belgian waffles in the world then this is the place for you.

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