my only complaint about this last weekend is that is was entirely too short.
at least we managed to fit in a whole lotta fun stuff before monday/real life came!
here are some of my favorite highlights:

1. dinner/movie night with ashley, jake & baby johnny.
2. becca's beautiful wedding.
3. finally saw the perks of being a wallflower. loved it. they had the perfect cast.
4. brielle's bridal shower. so fun to see all the ladies in the ward i grew up in.
5. bread cooking class with mah mama & gracie.
6. a visit from dave.
7. nick's parentals, baby sister, aunt & uncle came down to provo and we went to bombay house for dinner.
8. hung out at the maddox's with ashley, jake, baby johnny, grayson & brittany.
9. read at the park while nicolaus practiced casting.
10. went to a fireside with my parentals all about dating/relationships. it was preeetty entertaining.
11. home videos/games with the fam.

and i even managed to snap a few photos...