Tuesday, April 16, 2013



+ reading: the news. so many sad stories lately... i've been trying my best to send some good juju to all those affected by the bombings at the boston marathon.

+ watching: anna karenina & hitchcock. they're both at redbox and absolutely beautiful movies! i also just discovered the 5th season of madmen was put on netflix. which was maybe the absolute worst thing to realize at the end of the semester. or maybe the best thing. haha i'll let you know when i get my grades back...

+ eating: waaaay too much salted caramel ice cream. but calories don't count during finals week, right?!

+ listening: to alexander ebert's self-titled album. it's one of my all-time favorites and i cannot get enough of it. plus i chose this album to do a cd packaging project for so it's been helping me get in the zone to get that done.

+ wearing: layers on layers on layers. mother nature has been somewhat bipolar lately in utah. i will literally wake up to sunshine and fall asleep to a snowstorm.

+ thinking: about how excited i am to visit my new little niece in a few weeks!! did i mention my sister just had her baby last week and named her lilian :)

+ learning: how to be more organized. prioritizing and scheduling has never been a strong suit of mine so i've been working on that. making lists and writing things down has helped me not to get too overwhelmed and finish everything i need to on time.

+ loving: motel rocks. it's a new clothing site i just discovered and have been loving! plus it's my birthday soonish so i've been starting to make one amazing wish list!


  1. a new niece! how exciting and adorable! I don't know how/why I wasn't following you on Pinterest before...stalking it now. xo

  2. That pink mini fridge is killing me. It's sooo adorable!

  3. honestly there better be a smeg fridge in my futre.

  4. What perfect name for a Spring baby! Congrats to you and your sister :)

  5. salted caramel ice cream sounds AMAZING! and i love motel stuff :)


    B xxx

  6. You and I are on the same page. At least as far as Alexander, eating delicious calorie-packed treats, the weather, and needing to keep better track of the To Do's. I'm the worst. I even lost my to do lists! Pff.

    Good luck with your finals! Eat all of the gosh darn ice cream you want!

  7. I didn't know Anna Karenina was on redbox now!!!!
    Thanks for the heads up! I'm so excited; I read the book this winter to prepare for the movie. :3

  8. cool! would you like to follow each other in gfc and bloglovin? let me know!

  9. alrighty, well looks like following you on Pinterest is a MUST! amen to freaking Utah weather! and salted carmel ice cream NEVER counts.

  10. been watching hitchcook, too. also saddened by all these horrific events...

  11. Ahh, those photos are great, I love all the colors. Seriously, I love your blog!! :)

    Anna Karenina is such a beautiful and haunting movie, I loved it! Also, Mad Men is totally worth it... keep watching!

  12. Such a nice post !
    I love the outfit and the pictures :)
    You're so beautiful

    Have a nice weekend (coming soon) ^^


    Coline ♡