okaaay, first, is nicolaus not the most ridiculously cute child?? it just kills me. second, no the exciting thing to come is not a baby. haha i'm not pregnant. third, i'm throwing it back to one of nick's family trips to denmark because THAT IS WHERE WE'LL BE THIS MAY! at least for a week. and if the all-caps wasn't enough of a hint, i'm thriiiiilled about it!! it's been years since nicolaus has gone, so he is equally as thrilled!
i really, really wanted to go on a graduation trip, because i think they are a wonderful tradition and not one that my family adhered to for high school unfortunately - but i really can't complain, my parents have taken me on some incredible trips! anyways, so i was looking for cheap flights during the only window of time we have, since nick is going to school over summer, and i found a real deal on a roundtrip to DENMARK! the motherland of nick's family. nick's mom is half danish, but grew up in utah before moving out to california in her late teens. and nick's dad was born and raised in denmark. he only moved to california (without knowing a word of english) in his twenties and was only planning on staying in the U.S. for a summer, but he ended up meeting nick's mom and staying here!
so when we told niel's (nick's dad) about the cheap tickets we booked to denmark, he ended up buying one for himself and one for emma (nick's youngest sister). they'll be staying with one of niel's brother who only speaks danish and we'll be staying a few minutes away with another brother who knows english. it will be so great to have niels there to show us around and see all of his old stomping grounds! haha plus i will get to meet so many of nick's relatives! pluuus nicolaus and i have a 19 hour layover in london, so we'll have time to leave the airport and see the city! i really couldn't be happier and more excited about our upcoming adventure. and now the trick is to somehow stay focused on everything that needs to happen between now and then!
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p.p.s i just realized that nicolaus was in denmark the day i was born in south africa. haha so that was cool.