nicolaus and i went on a baby-free date for valentine's day over the weekend. we ate at one of our favorite restaurants, communal, and saw la la land. it's crazy to think that this is our 7th valentine's we've spent with each other. and i still get butterflies when i find sweet little notes from him. :) it was so nice to have an evening just the two of us, but it is fun to have a second smaller, squishier valentine as well. :)
in south africa, the valentine's tradition is to only celebrate it with your significant other, so my parents always thought it was a bit bizarre how love-happy americans go with the kids making valentine's for all the kids in their class. haha, but i happen to love the all-inclusive american way! i like a good excuse to celebrate all the loved ones in your life. so hope you have a happy, love-filled day with all the ones you love!