yesterday was my last day of summer and i was a bit worried that nothing special was going to come of it because whatever plans i made kept falling through. luckily, mo invited us to a bbq at his relative's farm up spanish fork canyon that turned into the most magical last night of summer.

as soon as we got there and three adorable dogs rushed up to me i knew i was in for a good time. we fed horses, jumped off an insanely tall rope swing (the sweet, old man who coaxed me into it said i took more convincing than a bunch of five year olds...haha i hate heights so this was a big fear to face and i'm so glad i did. even through the embarrassing trembling and tears...), picked fresh nectarines off a tree, rode four wheelers along a river and through corn fields, jumped on a trampoline and kicked around a soccer ball as we enjoyed the last few rays of summertime freedom.

it had all the ingredients of a perfect summer night: family, friends and a lot of fresh air. there honestly couldn't have been a better way to end a lovely summer :)