golden years

Thursday, May 11, 2017

dining area facelift feat. article

nicolaus and i have had the junkiest, old, secondhand table and chairs since we've been married, so when this set of chairs and table arrived from article, i felt like i had truly arrived as an adult. you may think it would have been getting married, or graduating from college, or having a "real" salary-based job, or having a baby would've done it for me, but no. it was owning these beautiful, functional, high quality pieces of furniture that really did it for me.
haha, but in all honesty, i could go on for days (or i guess, paragraphs) about how in love i am with our new table and chairs from article. but i'll spare you, and only ramble for a minute longer. we've had them for a few weeks, and my heart still pitter patters a little every time i see them in our dining area. i love that getting this new set has motivated us to throw more dinner parties, and i love the memories we've already made around it. :)

Friday, May 5, 2017

family on film

i was so excited for hunter to come over to our home, and shoot a roll or two of film of casual, every day shots of our family (ha, besides the fact that we were all actually dressed and i had my makeup/hair done). but, of cooourse, the morning she came over (after we had already had to reschedule twice), it was overcast outside, so the light in our home was terrible. and of coooourse, nielsy, who loves to ham it up for the camera 90% of the time, was in the crankiest, least cooperative mood. even the usual bribes that are usually a surefire way to get him to cooperate, were useless. 
sooo, we had to move the shoot outside, and basically just let niels run wild, to keep him from throwing a fit. ha, and i'm still trying to figure out how hunter managed to get any decent shots of us while shooting film! but, she did, and i love these photos of us hanging out with our wild, grumpy one year old. haha, who, by the way, wanted nothing to do with me during the shoot, and was literally smothering me in kisses an hour after hunter left...

Thursday, April 27, 2017

mixtape | april

future islands | aladdin
future islands | through the roses
future islands + debbie harry | shadows
future islands | candles
the growlers | black memories
jacco gardner | find yourself
mild high club | windowpane
morgan delt | some sunsick day
froth | lost my mind
the drums | blood under my belt
the holydrug couple | if i could find you (eternity)
unknown mortal orchestra | so good at being in trouble
wilco | you are my face
magnolia electric co. | whip-poor-will
the mccoy tyler band | flathead lake

monthly portrait | april

a portrait of my family once a month in 2017.
nicolaus: went on a surf/camp trip to jalama bay. the surf was terrible, but the company was good, so he said it was worth it. he surprised me and niels by building the most amazing little sandbox in our backyard (and by yard i mean patio). he also fixed up a broken grill that my dad gave us, so we've been enjoying all sorts of delicious grilled meat and veggies. he's been taking niels on lots of walks to the horses that live down the street from us, and one day the owner was there, so they got to see a brand new pony. 
niels: (yes, he's only sitting still in this photo because he's watching the aristocats.) ha, he's learned how to put together those wooden kid puzzles. and how to play letter puzzle games on my phone. hes' obsessed with horses and bubbles. he loved visiting his cousins in california, and running around outside all day. his knees and elbows were constantly scraped up. he is very strong willed and has learned how to throw a full blown toddler tantrum. but also has the sweetest side, and most mornings, he just smothers me and nicolaus in hugs and kisses. i've had to apologize to a lot of parents for niels either kiss attacking their child, or hitting them...ha, there's no in between (and if anyone has tips on how to get him to quit hitting, they would be much appreciated). 
me: went on a california road trip with my parents to visit my sister's family, and was able to bum rides up north and back again, to go to a family friend's surprise 60th birthday party, and meet nick for a day and a half at the end of his surf trip. caught a cold right at the end of my trip, and lost my voice for the first time in years. i fully sounded like a 13 year old boy who just hit puberty, which was both funny and embarrassing.

Monday, April 24, 2017

bag by buckland goods

it was so fun to collaborate on this custom bag by buckland goods. i'm in looove with how the color turned out!
also, cutie husband and cutie baby between getting the shots. :)

made by mary jewelry

you guys. i've hung out with mary a few times, and she's just as nice and just as beautiful as the jewelry she makes. :)