golden years

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

kerry | maternity photos

kerry wears the baby bump well. she looks so beautiful pregnant! i love her and her cute little family and am so happy that she had me document this special time in their lives :)
if you'd like me to take yourrr photos, please email me at


"a portrait of niels once a week, every week, in 2016."

the cold never seems to bother niels and nicolaus attributes it to his scandinavian blood.

snow day

nicolaus and i started dating 5 years ago. half a decade ago. i can't believe it's already been that long. i remember when we started dating, i felt a little gypped that we didn't get to grow up/go to high school together. but looking back now, i realize that you do a lot of 'growing up' in your early twenties. i feel so lucky that we've had each other for these last five years. i've said it before, and i'm sure i'll say it again, but i'm a dreamer and nicolaus is a doer. and i love that about him. he has pushed me to actually do the things that i'm always dreaming and talking about. 

i also love that when i tell him i really want to take photos of niels in the snow (because a.) i thought niels would like playing in the snow, even if all that meant was touching/trying to eat it, b.) it would make really pretty photos and c.) any excuse to whip out the winter clothes and bundle that baby up), that instead of making fun of me for being a basic girl, he helps me pack up our babe in the car and drives us all over and through the mountains. and when niels ends up sleeping the whole time and we end up singing/reminiscing over favorite songs from high school, he still doesn't let my dream of snow photos die. and when we get home, he suggests we just take some outside there, since niels has finally woken up and there's plenty of pretty snow around.

it's the little things and simple memories like this one that i don't want to forget. and that remind me how beautiful my life is, and how lucky i am to have the two sweetest boys in it. i can't wait to see what the next five years bring. and i'm so glad that i have nicolaus to meet all the challenges and enjoy all the good times with.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

homemade hummus + veggie wraps

i've wanted to try making homemade hummus for awhile now, and that desire was kicked up a notch when my mother-in-law made it to go on veggie wraps a few weeks ago. and she being the seasoned cook she is, made up her recipe, but i (being the novice cook i am), followed this recipe:
+ 2 15 oz cans chickpeas, rinsed
+ 2 cloves garlic
+ 3 tbsp olive oil
+ 2 tbsp fresh lemon juice
+ 1 tsp cumin
+ 1/4 cup water
+ 1 tsp salt
+ 1 tsp paprika
then really you can add whatever veggies you have laying around for your wrap, but i used:
+ fresh mozzarella
+ bell peppers
+ mixed greens
+ cucumber
+ black pepper
+ and of course, hummus
it also seemed like a good time to try making hummus, because of a freelance job i just did via hellosociety for oxo. they have incredibly well-made kitchen appliances, and i am obsessed with my new immersion blender.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016


"a portrait of niels once a week, every week, in 2016."

the cutest/drooliest photoshoot assistant a girl could ask for. 

road tripping to california

cons of road tripping to california in january: it's chilly enough at the beach to have to be fully clothed.
pros of road tripping to california in january: it's chilly enough at the beach to get the best snuggles from your baby.
last time we were in newbury park nicolaus left his surfboards there, so we could give our two friends a ride back to utah. which made the perfect excuse to make another trip out there! plus i did two maternity shoots while we were there, which i cannot wait to share.
so our time out there was spent taking photos, nicolaus getting some good surf, nicolaus stressing about getting to the right places at the right time to get good surf, eating donuts, lots and lots of friend time, going to a million different grocery stores to find meringues (it's a long story, but i needed them for a freelance job), going to a big outdoor flea market, and cozying up on the beach to watch the sunset.
it was a lot of fun, but definitely busier than our average california road trip. and kind of left me wanting another california road trip to recoup from this one..

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

january | mixtape

this month's mixtape is a tribute to one of my all-time favorite musicians, david bowie. his music has accompanied me through good times and bad times and i was heartbroken (along with the rest of the world it seemed) when i heard of his  passing. so here's to you bowie...thanks for leaving behind a legacy of creativity, originality, and really, really good music.
oh! you pretty things // golden years // heroes // starman // life on mars? // rock 'n' roll suicide // time // all the young dudes // the man who sold the world // queen bitch // young americans // modern love // let's dance // under pressure // suffragette city // dancing in the street // ashes to ashes // cat people // blue jean // fame // rebel rebel // the jean genie // changes // soul love // kooks // where are we now? // lazarus // ziggy stardust // space oddity
"i don't know where i'm going from here, but i know it won't be boring." - david bowie