shayla lilian

Sunday, July 20, 2014


i've been carrying around a disposable camera the last few weeks and here's what we captured:

01. me at antelope island
02. nick at antelope island
03. buffalo at antelope island
04. post heber skate park
05. me at the top of squaw peak
06. lauren at the top of squaw peak
07. me and nicolaus in my parent's hammock
08. nicolaus and conor skateboarding
09. post orem skate park
10. pre-sushi date
11. making plans for mike's new min-ramp
12. working hard or hardly working?


Thursday, July 17, 2014


like most people, i've always enjoyed looking at photographs. and once blogs/tumblr started taking over the internet, i started scouring these sites for hours, checking out different photographers and wanting so badly to be able to take make my own photos.

but it has always felt like a pipe dream to me because i never knew where to start. until i started hanging out with nicolaus. i remember once, when we first started hanging out, we were looking through high school photos of each other, and we stumbled upon ones he had taken for photo classes. it felt so dreamy to look through these photos and i feel like i was able to get to know him better as i felt like i was seeing the world through his eyes. cheesy? yes. but true? yes.

anyways, nicolaus had learned all about cameras/taking photos in high school, so he's been able to teach me a thing or two. plus he acquired some pretty incredible lens' and equipment from his dad. and over our married years we've been collecting our own camera bodies and lens. and even though i majored in graphic design, one of my elective class options was a photography class, so i jumped on that and loved learning more about it. and even having a basic understanding of photography has helped with all things design as the two often go hand in hand. and i love both fields, so i figure why not pursue them both?

and i guess the reason i'm calling this a "confession session" is that i've never really seriously expressed my secret photography aspirations to people. i've been too afraid because i feel under qualified to call myself an actual photographer and i really just don't want to be a phony. but i've decided that's a silly reason not to try something i'm interested in, because everyone has to start somewhere.

so this year i've started doing some photo shoots and i love every one more than the last! and i haven't really paused to document how it all started/has been evolving. but consider this my official, public declaration that i want to pursue both graphic design and photography. and if you haven't fallen asleep yet, you can check out some of my work here :)

Friday, July 11, 2014


a few sundays ago, nicolaus and i spent a perfect summer evening at my parent's house. lounging in the hammock, eating bbq, and playing games in the backyard. we even managed to make it home by about 10:30 and i was so excited because i thought that for once in our lives we were going to make it to bed before midnight. but about 30 minutes after we got home, we started hearing a ton of sirens go by that sounded really close, which is strange for the quiet neighborhood we live in. we didn't think too much of it until another 15 minutes later when all of the power in our home went out. all of our neighbor's power had gone out too and we started hearing people coming outside and talking about a fire. it wasn't long after that we could actually smell smoke coming in through our window. 
so nicolaus downloaded some app that lets you hear the local cop's radio (who even knew you could do that??) and they were talking about a fire really near to where we live and a power line being down...which was enough to perk us right up and i had to reluctantly give up any idea of going to bed even semi-early. we got in our car to go and see the fire, which didn't take long to find. it ended up being just out of our little community and across the street from us up on a dry, reedy hill. there were a tons of pajama-clad onlookers and police cars and fire trucks. the fire looked massive and there was tons of billowing smoke everywhere. the whole thing was pretty eery. 

we drove down the street to see if we could the power line that had crashed and by the time we made it back, they had shut down our street and wouldn't let us drive back to our home. so we parked our car in a different neighborhood and walked back to our house. i started getting so scared for our little home and all of the treasures and things that we've collected through our few years of marriage. i know you're not supposed to be attached to material things and whatnot, but i started thinking about our cameras and records and photographs and books and snowboarding gear and everything that i would be so sad to lose. i felt like that question people always ask of "what would you pack if you knew your house was going to burn down and you only had ten minutes to leave" was actually coming into play in my real life. ha, it felt pretty surreal and twilight zone-y. 

even though the likelihood of the fire making down the mountain and across the few streets to our house was pretty slim, we didn't want to sleep at our home just in case. plus there were all of the sirens and the chance of us being evacuated in the early morning hours that did not sound like a pleasant experience. so we packed an overnight bag and i quickly grabbed all of our hard drives, camera, lenses and laptop (just to ease my paranoia) and sadly said goodbye to our home. i even scanned around for the orange tabby cat i've dubbed "simba" that greets almost every night when we get home, but he was nowhere in sight and seemingly out of danger's way. so we got in nick's car, picked up my car and headed up to my parent's house.

after finally getting to sleep, i woke up a few hours later and got ready and left for work. on my way there i drove past my neighborhood and there was no fire in sight. i felt so relieved and grateful and had a moment of was last night even real??

Sunday, July 6, 2014


my bff since childhood, lauren, recently moved back to provo after galavanting all over the u.s. for the last year. and it's been the best! we're the type of friends that can go for months without seeing or even talking to each other and as soon as we're back together it's like we're giggly eight-year-olds again, getting into all sorts of mischief. i'd say we're more like sisters than friends, really. and we've already made a lot of good memories this summer (like late night hot tub/ping pong sessions and tuesday/thursday hike days and i finally have another regular "ramp tramp" to hang out at the skate park with...haha and yeahhh we probably don't need to talk about that label here..) and i can't wait for what other adventures are in store for us! 
aaanyways, we had a little photoshoot at my home the other day because she needed some shots to apply for a modeling position at brickyard buffalo (#teamlauren) and i secretly openly want to be a photographer. we had such a blast and if you want to check out more of the photos click here. and can we talk about how lauren is just naturally a mega-babe supermodel? if i didn't already love her, i might hate her. haha but seriously...
and on another note, hope everyone had a happy and safe fourth of july weekend! the night of the third, nicolaus and i went to the provo food truck round-up and we finally tried the art city donuts that everyone has been raving about! which somehow managed to surpass every delicious expectation i had! later on, we went to the university avenue parade route, where it is always littered with people camping and hanging out and doing all sorts of things from playing video games to jumping on blow up trampolines. i just rode around on my bike with the boys who were skateboarding and we did some good old-fashioned people-watching and catching up with old friends that we bumped into. 
after a few hours of sleep, nicolaus had to go to work while i was lucky enough to have the day off and i lazed around, reading by our community pool until nick got off work at six. then we went to my parents for a bbq and games, then played some tennis until it got dark and went for a little night dip in our pool and watched some fireworks going off in the valley. then drove up to a lookout point to watch even more fireworks, before going to a church parking lot to light off some of our own. it was a pretty mellow, nice night. the only photos i took of the day were on a not-yet developed disposable camera, but i figured these photos kinda sorta relate to the holiday since they're mostly red, white and blue...right??
p.s. thank you grace for that sweet post featuring my kickstarter project on your blog! :)

Saturday, July 5, 2014


i feel like since my graduation trip in may, i've been playing catch up on my blog. and this post is no exception! ha, so two weekends ago, nicolaus and i realized it was already mid-june and we had yet to go on a camping trip. we've had either work or weddings every weekend and just hadn't had a chance to. so saturday afternoon (while nick was still at work) we decided we needed to get away and to go on an impromptu camping trip.

so i bought some provisions, packed up the car and when nick got home at 9:30 we headed up the canyon to find a spot. we drove around for quite a while, enjoying each others company and eventually found the perfect spot up american fork canyon. we set up our tent, started a fire and ended up eating a fancy dinner of hot dogs and chili at about midnight. then sat around our fire chatting up a storm, until it went out.
even though we woke up pretty early the next morning, we both felt more relaxed and refreshed than we had in awhile. there's just something about sleeping in chilly mountain air under the stars that will do that to you.
we made another fire and breakfast, did a little yoga, laid out, then packed up camp and drove down to cascade springs and hiked around for a bit. i don't know how i had never before heard of cascade springs! it was so pretty and magical and made me feel like i was in the hobbit or something great like that. then we drove the long way down the canyon, windows down, music up. even though it was a short trip, just one night away from cellphone service is sometimes all you need :)

Thursday, July 3, 2014


mo and abigayle's wedding went off without a hitch. the location was unbelievably beautiful and mo and abby looked so happy and in love all day. there were 9 bridesmaids and 9 groomsmen, made up purely of family and mutual friends, so it was really just felt like an all-day party. it was so, so awesome to be able to hang out with everyone we don't get to see enough. and all in one place! we shed (happy) tears, laughed and did a whole lot of ridiculous dancing.

i brought my camera, but accidentally left it untouched the entire day...oops! ha, but luckily, my sister-in-law, grace, took all of these photos and let me steal them! also, a big shoutout to my friend, kerry, who help my mother-in-law danece with all of the AMAZING flower arrangements! i was drooling all day over that sunflower/mossy hangy thing (pictured above, over the cake) and was beyond impressed that they made it!

the whole shindig was such a success and i am so happy to have mo as a part of the family! congratulations mo and abigayle! :)