golden years

Monday, March 27, 2017

mixtape | march

ramones | wart hog
sex pistols | pretty vacant
ty segall | caesar
king tuff | eyes of the muse
the strange boys | be brave
the growlers | i'll be around
allah-las | sacred sands
bee caves | running home to you
temples | strange or be forgotten
you won't | ya ya ya
har mar superstar | late night morning light
twin peaks | making breakfast
the babe rainbow | love forever
lower dens | ondine
the velvet underground, nico | femme fatale
the smiths | well i wonder
the shins | name for you

Sunday, February 26, 2017

monthly portrait | february

a portrait of my family once a month in 2017.
nicolaus: gave a presentation to an entrepreneur class at uvu about his business. it's actually the second time he's done this, but the first time i got to watch, because i wasn't invited the first time. he also successfully convinced me that we needed a playstation to replace our broken dvd player. 
niels: loves fruit, nuts, yogurt, coconut water and of course, any sort of sweet treat. he's become a self-proclaimed vegetarian and won't touch meat. he'll choose any sort of kitchen utensil over a toy. my favorite words he says are "skyyy" whenever he looks out a window or goes outside, "haaaand" when he's insisting you hold his hand, or "biiiinks" when he reallyyy wants his binky and has to work really hard to get that word out. he loves sword fighting, the aristocats, ring around the rosies, bath time, coloring, and reading books (especially ones with animals).
me: started working as the marketing manager at @mywildbird and i absolutely love it. it feels so good to be working on a team again. i'm also itching to go on a trip to somewhere warmer, because my african blood can only handle so much of this dreary, cold winter weather. especially after our weekend trip to st. george was cancelled because nielsy had a fever and sore throat (but luckily not strep) for a few days.

mixtape | february

built to spill | carry the zero
the shins | mildenhall
real estate | darling
beach fossils | adversity
the drums | days
the pains of being pure at heart | laid
surfer blood | frozen
magnolia electric co. | the dark don't hide it
dead man's bones | my body's a zombie for you
cotton jones | i am the changer
whitney | no woman

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

xoxo, nielsy.

nicolaus and i went on a baby-free date for valentine's day over the weekend. we ate at one of our favorite restaurants, communal, and saw la la land. it's crazy to think that this is our 7th valentine's we've spent with each other. and i still get butterflies when i find sweet little notes from him. :) it was so nice to have an evening just the two of us, but it is fun to have a second smaller, squishier valentine as well. :)
in south africa, the valentine's tradition is to only celebrate it with your significant other, so my parents always thought it was a bit bizarre how love-happy americans go with the kids making valentine's for all the kids in their class. haha, but i happen to love the all-inclusive american way! i like a good excuse to celebrate all the loved ones in your life. so hope you have a happy, love-filled day with all the ones you love!

Friday, February 3, 2017


"a portrait of niels once a week, every week, in 2016."
niels is very proud of his trick where he finds his belly. :)

christmas card 2016

so i'm not sure whyyy i chose this last christmas to start sending out christmas cards...since i was running around addressing/sending out cards, the day before we left for africa, when i definitely should have been packing/cleaning. ha, buuut i am glad i finally made time to design and send out a family christmas card! and hopefully it's a tradition that i keep up with for years to come.