golden years

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

giveaway | vacay sunglasses

i'm so excited to have paired up with vacay sunglasses to host a giveaway for the chance to win a free pair of sunnies in the color of your choice! they are a classic shape that look great on boys and girls. and they are so comfortable! i feel like it's always a struggle for me to find sunglasses that don't hurt my head after twenty minutes, but i could wear these for hours.
be sure to check out the giveaway over on instagram and you can see all the different color options on vacay's website.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015


how far along are you? 37 weeks!!! i'm apparently measuring at 38 weeks, which doesn't mean baby's going to come early, just that he's going to be a big boy. which is pretty terrifying for my belly that just keeps growing and for my impending labor. but besides that, it's exciting, because i have a soft spot for exceptionally chubby babies.
sleep: same old. still pretty restless and waking up a couple times a night most nights. 
movement: still tons! and baby boy is getting strong! sometimes his kicks and jabs are strong enough to throw me off balance. but watching him roll around in my belly is still one of my favorite pastimes. it's just so surreal that it's our little babe in there. 
symptoms: mostly all the same stuff from last week. i'm still just in awe at my belly's ability to keep growing. ha and am dealing with all the incoordination that comes with it. things that i never thought about twice before have now become difficult-to-impossible tasks. like wearing a seatbelt or picking things up off the ground or putting on pants...
cravings: just anything edible. i mean in n out sounds really good right now, but when doesn't it? i also think i'm going to start incorporating a lot more spicy foods and pineapple into my diet to see if there's any truth to that kickstarting labor... 
looking forward to: finally getting our nursery all set up! nicolaus and his sweet mama just finished painting and we have the carpet cleaners coming, then it will officially be time to get things organized. i can't wait to have somewhere to unpack all of our baby shower gifts and i've never been more excited to start doing/folding laundry!
nicolaus and i have been going non-stop trying to whittle down our to-do-before-baby list and i feel like we are so close to the fun parts of it! plus i think we officially have all the absolute necessities done, and i am slowly but surely starting to feel stress alleviate. ahhh we are in the final stretch and it feels so good :)

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

nicolaus | the graduate

nicolaus is a COLLEGE GRADUATE. we've been living the student life since we met, so it is crazy to think that we are officially entering the next chapter of life of full-time jobs and parenthood. does this mean we're almost real adults?? well, the good news is that i can't imagine a better person to move into that stage of life with. (warning: things are about to get real sappy around here) through all the craziness of trying to prep for baby, nicolaus was still able to finish his last semester strongly. and then hit the ground running. 
i feel like this major milestone of his life has been a bit overshadowed by everything else going on, so i just wanted to take a minute to publicly brag about him. because i'm just so, so proud of him. he works so hard and juggles a very heavy load while still managing to make time to have fun. he is the smartest, most capable boy i know and i can't imagine my life without him. i also think he is the funniest person in the world and he makes me laugh harder than anyone. to sum it up, he is my all-around favorite human. and unfortunately, we don't have the time right now to go on any sort of graduation trip to celebrate, but we did manage to squeeze in a celebratory bbq last weekend with some family and friends, which was really nice!
p.s. he also has a serious dislike for posing for photos and usually doesn't stay still long enough for me to take candid ones of him, so it is a big deal that i got these shots. ha, it mostly had to do with the fact that he doesn't want to walk in his graduation ceremony (because he thinks they're boring and it wouldn't be until april), and i told him that was only okay if he would stay still long enough for me to get at least one 'normal' photo of him to document nicolaus the graduate. i originally really wanted to borrow someone's cap and gown, but he wasn't into that idea, and the lighting was so perfect out at antelope island just before i shot some bridals, so i took what i could get and quickly snapped these! and i think we got a few gems that i am going to cherish forever :)


there were a lot of ideas thrown around for a babymoon. originally, we were thinking tropical or somewhere with a spa and a pool at least. but i was too sick in the beginning of pregnancy to go on any sort of trip, and once i was feeling better, our summer had already gotten so busy. i was quickly losing hope that we were going to be able to squeeze in one more getaway before the one-month-before-my-due-date mark. but then we realized we had one weekend free of any plans or obligations and planned a road trip out to fort bragg in northern california. 
we were going to stay with on of nick's friends and they could surf while i lounged on the beach. but as we got closer to the trip, the belly had fully popped with all the discomforts of poor sleep and slow waddling and a 12 hour road trip was seeming a bit ambitious. so we changed our plans yet again! ha, we thought we could stick around a bit closer to home and go camping up in the uintas. and theeeeen we had someone ask if we could dog/house sit for them in park city, over the exact dates we had planned for our babymoon. it didn't take much contemplation to decide it would be really nice to have a warm, comfy bed to retire to and we could just take day trips out to the uintas! plus we would have the cutest pups to hang out with, which makes fishing excursions 100% more fun for me :)
so we were lucky to have it all work out perfectly in the end! our babymoon was the perfect combination of adventuring in the mountains to go hiking waddling and fishing, lounging at a pool and watching a bunch of movies, and even going on a fancy date to the stein erickson brunch and riding the ski lift up at deer valley. it was so, so nice to squeeze in a few mellow, low-key days with just nicolaus and myself before our little family dynamic changes :)

Monday, August 24, 2015

kallie + dan | engagements

i took this cute couple's engagements a couple weeks back up in park city. kallie is nick's cousin and such a sweetheart and her fiance, dan, couldn't be any nicer! i'm so happy for these two and excited for their wedding next month. a big congratulations to them and welcome to the family dan!!

Thursday, August 20, 2015


how far along are you? 36 WEEKS. and if the all-caps wasn't a giveaway, i am baffled by it. i am to the point where when people ask me how much longer i have and i tell them, they say 'oh, so really it could be any day!' which makes me so happy but also so stressed out. i need at least 2 more weeks to get everything done on my to-do-before-baby list. like write/print out our birth plan, finish up my maternity leave paperwork, wash/organize some baby clothes and a handful of other important tasks.

and while four weeks can go by in the blink of an eye, i also have no idea if i have another four weeks left in me. i know i've been saying this for a while now, but now i really mean can the belly possibly get any bigger??? i just want baby boy to cook in there as long as he needs to (and i need him to, to get all my ducks in a line), but please not a second longer.

sleep: ha, i think my smashed bladder is sleep-training me for when baby arrives. i have to drag myself out of bed about 1-2 times a night to go to the bathroom. and then there's still the whole issue of waking up every time half my body falls asleep and i need to roll over...because it takes a lot of momentum/effort to roll over. plus i've also gotten heavy enough that all the weight makes my ribs/hips hurt to be on one side for too long. and people keep telling me to enjoy my sleep while i still can, but i would really love for those people to also let me know exactly how to enjoy my sleep while this largely pregnant...haha, but seriously.

movement: still a crazy amount! and it's feeling even crazier because i can tell how much stronger he's getting! it has seriously blown my mind how malleable a pregnant belly is. for something so firm, you'd think it would just stay put, but it is constantly bouncing around and changing shape with baby's movement. i can also officially tell the difference between kicks and jabs and hiccups which is pretty cool. and oh man, does he get some violent hiccups! the other day we both had them at the same time and it was really trippy and really adorable.

symptoms: just a crazy amount of discomfort that comes from being this large. like i never realized how insanely heavy a pregnant belly is (it's kind of like carrying around a basketball that is made of pure lead) and how much that affects everything else on your body. for instance, i had some minor knee issues before, but now i can't walk downhill for longer than five minutes without getting crazy, shooting pains in my knee and up my leg, from all the extra pressure. plus, there's the aching in my back whenever i go for too long without laying down. and my feet (which are usually frozen to the point of numbness), get so hot so easily and are always red and swollen by the end of the day. and my belly skin is so ridiculously stretched, that there are so days where i am shocked it hasn't just completely torn apart. women's bodies are insane. and amazing.

another noteworthy symptom, has been the cramping/braxton hicks/pelvic pressure i've been getting every couple of days for about the last week and a half. which has me feeling like maybe baby will come a little sooner than expected! which probably means he'll be two weeks late. haha, having nothing to compare it to, i really have no idea. but i am starting to feel like a bit of a ticking time bomb, and get a little nervous every time i get stuck in traffic or am too far away from home or anything of that sort. oh, and i'm officially down to three t-shirts that properly cover the belly.

cravings: ha, it would take a lot less time to make a list of things i'm not craving. it takes about 2 hours after a meal to feel insatiably hungry again. and just about everything tastes better than it ever has before. but one particular thing i have been eating/drinking in large amounts have been crispy, cold green grapes and slurpees from the gas station. particularly the pina colada ones. pina colada slurpees are definitely the new popsicle. oh, and any sort of cold pressed or fresh juice with mint in it, i am a total sucker for.

looking forward to: my sweet, sweet parents and in-laws (seriously, bless their hearts) have been helping nicolaus clear out/paint what's going to be the nursery while i'm at work and it has been the best thing ever to come home to! it's already looking so good and i cannot wait to help finish up the whole room! aaand my mom's best friend is throwing me a baby shower this saturday which i'm so excited about! also, i have an official work-from-home date, which is such a relief and will be so nice to not have to make the trek up to park city everyday. there's so much to look forward to, but mostly, i am just so excited to meet this wriggly, sweet, little baby boy of ours in just a month!!!

Friday, August 14, 2015

august | mixtape

the growlers | someday
dana swimmer | i'm still your man
the walkmen | we've been had
tommy james & the shondells | crimson and clover
wilco | taste the ceiling
m. ward | deep dark well
real estate | talking backwards
the memories | higher
howler | back of your neck
wavves, cloud nothings | no life for me
fuzz | hazemaze
bleeding rainbow | pink ruff
modest mouse | the ground walks, with time in a box
pins | young girls
la sera | losing to the dark
heavy hawaii | teen angel
mars water | where the sun sets
washed out | feel it all around
future islands | the chase
the war on drugs | red eyes
ariel's pink haunted graffiti | baby