nicolaus and i met in december 2010.
i was over at my friend jordan's house, when mike and mo brought over a boy.
they introduced him as nick and told us he just got back from his mission.
(he served a spanish-speaking LDS mission in the pocatello, idaho area)
i said hi and wondered why i had never heard of this cute friend.
then i continued chatting and laughing with my friends, while nick stood in a corner.
the whole night.
i saw him as handsome and mysterious.
he says he felt awkward and out of place.

as the holidays rolled around, i left for california and nick went to hawaii.
a few weeks later, i ended up at jordan's house again. this time to watch the bachelor.
i was surprised when nick walked into the room.
mike had called and convinced him to come on the basis that there would be a "basement full of cute girls."
after the show a few of us lingered around awhile longer to hang out.
we were talking about the new zodiac sign that had just been added.
he said "i'm a libra."
i said "hey, i'm a gemini. we're compatible!"
he said "niiice!" and gave me a high five.
our conversation ended right about there.
i figured he wasn't interested. he said he was nervous.

by the time i was ready to leave jordan's house, my ride had already left.
my apartment was on mike's route home, so i asked if i could bum a ride.
he was fine with it. so he, nick, and i left together.
mike had to stop to fill up with gas.
which meant nick and i were left alone together.
i got nervous, and thought 'oh no what are we gonna talk about...'
turns out we had a whole lot to talk about.
i had never met someone i felt so comfortable around so quickly.

the rest was history...
we fell madly in love.
and decided to get married in the LDS draper temple on october 22, 2011.
it was the best decision i've ever made.


nicolaus was born and raised in southern california and moved out to utah when he was 17 to come to college. his family relocated here shortly thereafter, and now live about an hour and a half away from us. nick recently graduated from uvu with a degree in business. he is working on a start-up company and part-time at the skate shop, milosport. and when he's not busy working, he is busy having fun. i honestly have never met anyone who's so good at having fun. i still don't understand how he finds time to keep up with his many hobbies...including snowboarding, fishing, skateboarding, surfing (not that there's much of that happening in utah), eating hot dogs, long walks on the beach (jk but not really), motorcycle riding and listening to creedence clearwater revival.

i was born in south africa, where both sides of my family are from. but since my immediate family moved to provo when i was still really young and a large portion of my dad's side moved to australia, my family is spread all over the place. which is sad not having them close by, but is certainly a good excuse to travel! which i consider one of my favorite hobbies. which also include drawing, playing with puppies, reading, discovering new music, pinning, eating waffles, camping, thrifting and photo taking. i graduated from byu with a degree in graphic design and am now working as the marketing manager for wildbird.

in september 2015, we met the newest addition of our family, baby niels. he has stolen our hearts and we think he's the cutest little chunka love to ever exist.

that's about it in a nutshell, but please email me at shaylalilianblog@gmail.com if you have questions/collaboration ideas/anything of that sort! :)