Saturday, February 8, 2014


the other day i saw something on pinterest that said: "why do i leave in a place where the air hurts my face?"

that exact thought crosses my mind about about 99% of the time during winter in utah...the other 1% of the time i'm it's either christmas or i'm snowboarding. last winter we didn't have the means or time to get snowboarding passes and it was about the death of us. this year we took the plunge and bought some and i am so, so glad we did. it not only makes winter bearable, but even kinda fun. plus this year the boys have been teaching me the ways of riding in powder through the trees and let me tell you, that was a game changer! it feels like you're floating through what i always imagined the clouds on care bears to feel like...haha so yeah, i've been loving that.

p.s. these photos are from when nick and mo went and enjoyed their latest favorite hobby: splitboarding. it's basically a snowboard that splits apart into snowshoe/ski things and you hike up the mountain, then connect the board back together and ride back down.


  1. I've heard that too, winter is much more bearable if you do some kind a winter sport, however growing up on sunny Mexico I never learn any of those, except ice skating...stunning photos!

  2. Oh my goodness! I want one of these crazy split board things!! Except I am horrible at snowboarding... Shoot

  3. Look at all that snow! These pictures are absolutely stunning, I love your eye for the film!
    xo TJ

  4. from which resort did you guys get your passes? sweet shots. and sandwiches while snowboarding always taste SO DELICIOUS.

    1. we go to brighton! i've only been to a few of the different resorts in utah, but brighton is my very favorite. it's hardly ever crowded and gets the BEST snow. haha and that is sooooo true about the sandwiches!