once we made it down to newbury park (where nicolaus grew up), we had a wonderful weekend full of weddings, friends, family and lots and lots of delicious food. we stayed at our friend kerry's house, and it was so, so much fun to hang out her and her cute little family. we went to lexi and drake's wedding on friday night, then matt and courtney's on saturday. it was fun to see both couples that i met 3 summers ago, so happy and in love and getting married. plus, one of my favorite things about visiting newbury park and going to weddings/any sort of party/church is meeting people that nicolaus grew up with, and hearing all sorts of funny/cute/embarrassing stories about him :) 

anyways, between the sushi and tacos and donuts and lounging with friends, we did manage to get some good beach time in. nicolaus was a happy little camper to be back in the water surfing, and i was happy to be back in the warm sand. and on monday afternoon when we were at zuma beach with our friends, just swimming in the ocean, a ton of dolphins starting swimming by so close to shore! nicolaus and i just had to put our heads underwater to hear them, which was so cool! and at one point, when we ducked under a wave, nicolaus, who always keeps his eyes open underwater, saw a dolphin ride that same wave and rush by inches from my leg!! which is a little bit terrifying but i'm mostly bummed that my eyes were closed and i didn't see it and/or have a gopro on me! ha, but also really happy it didn't actually run into me and severely injure me..

the entire trip was so great and it seems to get harder and harder to say bye to our friends and leave newbury park every time we go there.