the first summer nicolaus and i were dating and i was visiting him in california, i met his friend-since-childhood, matt. it was also the first time matt brought this new girl, courtney, around to meet his friends. i hardly knew either of them, but it didn't take long to think that they were absolutely perfect for each other. and now that i know them a lot better, i still think they are absolutely perfect for each other. and some of the most fun, happiest people i know. i love them so much and was SO happy when nick got a phone call from matt, saying that he was going to propose to courtney and wondered if we would help out!

nicolaus and i went to their favorite beach and buried (literally only a tiny corner was sticking out of the sand - which i thought was slightly nerve-wracking) the "treasure chest" that matt had put the ring inside of. nicolaus and i hung around the beach for awhile before hiding behind some sand dunes to watch/document the whole thing! i felt so lucky to be a part of their special moment! it was so beautiful and i don't know if i've ever seen two happier people. i even shed a tear..and still can't help the huge smile on my face when i look at these photos. :) congratulations matt and courtney and we cannot wait for your big day!!!