ha, so niels (obviously) was not a fan of nick's orange wild thing wig. i think the other problem was i tried doing a costume dress rehearsal the sunday before halloween, when niels hadn't napped and/or eaten dinner...so he was pretty inconsolable when we were all dressed up. no amount of dum dums or cellphone time could bribe him into getting one decent photo...haha aaand i'm afraid i may have traumatized him in the process. 

BUT halloween day went much smoother, after he realized all the candy he got to eat in that costume. plus nick ended up not dressing up, because he didn't want to freak out niels again. haha, so we started the day with a pancake breakfast with his friends at nature school, then ended it with trunk or treating. and he and jean (his uncle) devoured so much of his stash, without any interference from mom. ha, so needless to say, by the end of the day, niels was convinced halloween was the best day ever. 

p.s. i got niels' max costume from amazon, as well as my hat.