i asked nicolaus to take one pretty photo of my 25 week preggo belly, and then he took about a hundred that made me feel like some sort of beautiful fertility goddess. which i have not felt like even once during this pregnancy...haha, buuut really, i know i complain a lot about pregnancy symptoms, but i'm so grateful for a body that can grow babies. and for a husband who can make it look way more glam than it feels. ;)

anyways, i've been so terrible about writing anything down about this pregnancy, but i am starting now! all there really is to remember about the first 22 weeks of my pregnancy is a lot of nausea, puking, and tiredness. ha, honestly it was pretty traumatizing for a few months there, so i'm trying my best to not dwell on it and move on. :) so here's a long overdue 'bumpdate':

how far along are you? 25 weeks! weeks 6-20 craaawled by, but once i started feeling a bit better, and slowly emerging out of survival mode, the weeks started flying by.

sleep? i remember having some trippy dreams when i was pregnant with niels, but it's on another level this time. but less trippy, and way more stressful. i keep waking up in the middle of the night feeling anxious, because i just had the most terrible dream. it's always a relief when i realize it was just a dream, but it would be nice to stop waking up unnecessarily, because of how panicked i am.

movement? so much of it! feels like baby's constantly practicing for a ballet rehearsal or something. haha, and people think i'm crazy, but i swear i could start to feel her from about 12 weeks. she is strong and she is busy.

symptoms? oh just a gigantic belly. i'm trying really hard every day to not be stressed about how much bigger i am this time around, then i was with niels at 25 weeks. my new mantra has become, "embrace the largeness". but it's hard to do, when i keep thinking about how huge i got with nielsy at the end, and hoooow could i possibly get bigger than that this time. also, with niels, i felt like i had a golden period between the morning sickness and the largeness, but this time i went straight to the largeness. and all the glorious discomforts that come with it. such as, difficulty putting on shoes/shaving/wrestling a toddler, an aching back, and having no clue how to dress myself. BUT i would take all of that over the overwhelming nausea any day, so i can't complain! 

looking forward to? dressing a baby girl! i told myself i probably wouldn't buy anything until she's born, to see how big she is, and i figured she can wear a lot of niels' hand me downs. buuut then i was running some errands with my mom the other day, and she convinced me that we should just go look in h&m. aaand we ended up going a little nuts. haha but we got such a good scoop, and they had too many adorable girl things that we couldn't resist! and it sounds silly, but it made it feel more real that we are going to have a little girl and little girl things around our home. i'm so, so excited. i didn't think i'd ever say this, but bring on all the pink!!