how far along are you? 27 weeks! i'm starting to wish time would actually slow down a little, because i feel like there's still a ton to get done before baby comes.

sleep? ha, i miss it. i can't seem to get comfortable, and i think i wake up every time i move. on the plus side, it's meant less weird dreams lately. i'm just trying to decide if it's worth buying one of those fancy pregnancy pillows this late in my pregnancy..

movement? i remember niels moving a lot, but i swear baby girl is taking it to another level. and i think she's a lot lower than niels was, because it feels crazy how low i can feel her kicking. but i love it! i'm sure i've mentioned it before, but feeling the baby kicks are my favorite pregnancy symptom.

symptoms? my back and knees are really starting to hurt now. also, i officially have no idea when i actually need to pee. haha, i wish i were joking, but i'm almost always feels like i need to go, and sometimes i actually do. and other times i'll go, and realize i actually didn't need to. haha it just felt like i did!

cravings? chinese food! it always sounds good. or really anything exceptionally salty. or anything with goat cheese. lots and lots of goat cheese (the kind with pasteurized milk of course).

looking forward to? thanksgiving with this ravenous appetite of mine! :)