the third and final book to the hunger games trilogy comes out in approximately 32 HOURS!! sooo excited to read mockingjay this tuesday. if you can't get ahold of me all day you'll know why...

so as my little tribute to these splendidly addicting novels, i've created what i think would be the perfect movie cast for hunger games. lionsgate has already signed onto make the movies out of these books (the first movie is due out in 2011), buuuut they still don't have a cast. which is where my perfect cast comes in :)

Katniss = Camilla Belle

Mrs. Everdeen = Jennifer Connelly

Prim = Elle Fanning

Haymitch = Robert Downey Jr.

Gale = Matt Lanter
(other options = Hayden Christensen or Liam Hemsworth)

Peeta = William Moseley

Rue = Saoirse Ronan

Cinna = Trent Ford
(other options = Orlando Bloom or Hugh Dancy)

Effie = Zooey Deschanel

Foxface = Evan Rachel Wood

Glimmer = Blake Lively

Thresh = Bronson Pelletier

Cato = Kellan Lutz

Clove = Annalynne Mccord

Avox = Rachelle Lefevre