...quotes of the week:

"i am a little pencil in the hand of a writing God who is sending a love letter to the world."
-mother teresa

"if you're in college and you're not liberal, then you don't have a heart, and if you're an adult and you're not conservative, then you don't have a brain."

"sometimes we literally have to travel over rough waters in order to appreciate some of the fundamental blessings we have--life, for instance."
-elder john h. groberg

"individuation...is a psychological 'growing up.' it means to discover those aspects of the self that distinguish one person from another. failure to achieve individuation leaves people dependent on other, stronger personalities for their identity. they fail to understand their uniqueness."
-thomas g. plummer

...songs of the week:

heartbeats - the knife. (thank you b.tuck)
good to sea - pinback.
turnpike ghost (steel train cover) - tegan & sara.

...pictures of the week:

i'm really curious as to the people living here. because i feel like whoever it is, they are really awesome, just like their doors.

i like this one for a few reasons. 1--i love photographs of models taken off guard. 2--i love abbey lee kershaw's style and think she is super gorgeous. and 3--she just bleached her hair blonde and i like it!

...movies of the week:

the butterfly effect.

-i was really happy when this movie was recorded on our dvr, because i've wanted to see it since it came out and finally got the chance to watch it this morning! there was some poorly executed tv editing over swearing that was so obviously edited it turned a few dramatic moments into rather comical ones, but i still just loved the film. it got pretty (but necessarily) freaky at parts, and it was one of those movies that just makes you think.

-while we were watching my brother, jean, asked my friend, beth, and i if we could go back and change any moment in our lives what would we change? i immediately rewound in my mind to million dumb decisions i've made and thought how changing them would have effected the rest of my life...but then i thought of a quote that drew barrymore once said: "i never regret anything. because every little detail of your life is what made you into who you are in the end."

being in the world.

-for my art class we had to attend a documentary in byu's library auditorium, and i ended up really loving it! it was all about people and how we relate to the world around us, and it had quite a few fascinating points and stories from some really interesting people.

...excursions of the week:

-going shopping in park city with my mom and her very lovely cousin and her son. we went to all the outlet stores and tj maxx and decided after being such good bargain hunters we should treat ourselves to a nice lunch at cafe terigo on mainstreet. it was very very posh and we felt a bit like movie stars sitting under an umbrella outside in the perfect breeze, surrounded by artsy and expensive-looking people, and eating our delicious veggie sandwiches.

-i've always wanted to go to the hot pots, but it just never seemed to work out until friday night when i went up there with a few friends. i really loved everything about the whole trip and can't wait until the next time i go up there!

...goal of the week:

to not get stressed no matter how hectic things got. (and they got pretty hectic.) instead i tried to just enjoy the ride, and appreciate all the good, and recognize that all the bad wasn't actually the end of the world. i got a lot more out of life by trying this new (and much more zen) mindset, and was able to just live in the moment and absorb life and everything going on around me.

...poem (possibly ever):


I’m sorry that I stole your album.
It was raining.
And I was tired.

I don’t know if you care.
You’ve been dead for so long now
and those songs were written
far before computers even worked this way.

I’m not sure where the money goes
now that you’re not here to collect it.
To your children?
Or your family?
Or a record label, mid-dash for the lifeboats?
Or maybe to someone you never even met.

Whoever it is
I decided
I’d rather not give it to them.
For they didn’t pen the words
that drove me to this crime
all alone
tucked into bed
unable to sleep.

And I am sure
they all have more than they need
of what you left behind.

Not that this makes it okay
to take what I did
when no one was looking.

It doesn’t.
It is still stealing
out and out.
which we all know is a sin.

But you never struck me as the type
who cared much about sinning.

Not the way you sang
not the way you carried on
up there in front of everyone
letting them all know what really mattered
even down to your ending.

Written by: Dallas Clayton