Thursday, September 2, 2010


earlier tonight, while it was still technically 9.02.10, i fell in love. it all happened after i made my way up to the third row of the vampire weekend concert.....i was smashed between countless sweaty bodies, with my head perfectly positioned between two friendly redheaded twins, and gazing up at ezra koenig (lead singer). he literally serenaded my soul by singing a cover of the bruce springsteen song "i'm going down". i wanted to be the girl in that song. i've never fallen in real actual love before, but i imagine that is what it feels like. you probably think i'm just being dramatic, but trust me, if you were there you would have felt it too. i'm still on a concert buzz and can't sleep even though i need to since i have class in the morning!!

this video i found on youtube doesn't quite do it justice, but just so you can get a feel of the magic....

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