i really have no excuse for neglecting my blog...

buuuut after pushing through finals week i plan on giving it the loving it deserves.

actually pushing through finals week will be an accomplishment in and
of itself. is that proper english? not so sure...which reminds me...

i love this video i recently saw on youtube:

love love love stephen fry. if you haven't seen him in v for vendetta...
you need to.

[insert witty segway back to finals topic]

having finals at the end of the semester was a terrible idea. i'm burnt out and unmotivated and all i can think about is christmas and i know i'm not the only student who feels this way. my facebook newsfeed is drowning in statuses expressing stress/disdain towards school, and counting the days until we are free at last. (for about ten days before it all starts over again...)

so my plan to push through finals week is to live by the
brilliant words of anne frank herself:
"laziness may appear attractive--but work brings satisfaction."