i already told all about friday here.

  • went slightly nuts cleaning our apartment. i spring cleaned everything in sight until it squeaked.
  • watched another episode of mad men. i am officially addicted.
  • nicolaus got home from work, and we went to hayley's wedding. hayley is a good family friend and she looked so beautiful as a bride. i'm so excited for her and dan :)
  • the weather was still so nice after the wedding, that nick and i took a stroll down to the duck pond.
  • we met up with some friends, and before going to the movies we dyed easter eggs! i haven't done that since i was a little kid and i loved every second of it!
  • nicolaus and i went to church. we just got called to be the librarians and we love it. about once a month we basically get to spend two hours hanging out with each other, coloring in, playing word games, looking at pictures, and meeting so many nice people.
  • we drove up to nick's grandparents house and the whole family came over for an easter dinner and egg hunt.
  • we went to my parent's house to continue the celebrations, with dessert and a few intense rounds of uno.
p.s. i've been revamping my blog quite a bit as you may have noticed. the new pages i've added are about how nick and i met, and our engagement/bridal/wedding photos. if you're interested i'd love for you to take a look :)