it's been a bit of a rough start to my 21st year. the day after my birthday, i started not feeling well. 
then to top it off, i got a nasty cold sore. it might seem dumb to let such a small thing affect your whole mood, but i honestly hate cold sores more than anything. they look gross. they feel gross. and they make you want to cry every time you look into a mirror.

so i think my sweet hub noticed how lousy i'd been feeling the last few days and decided to spend his entire saturday devoted to making me happy. a.k.a. to taking me shopping at all of my favorite stores from provo to salt lake. and not complaining one time. so we took out some birthday money and rendezvoused all about town. it was such a fun day and it perked me right up! :) 

here's a photo of the damage done: