monday: i went swimsuit shopping with markell. it was fun to catch up and hang out with her because we don't get to nearly enough these days. then since it was austin's birthday and kerry's a few states away from her fiance, nick and i made austin a birthday cake. we took it over to jake and ashley's where we watched the first episode of the bachelorette, held baby johnny, ate pizza, chatted, then surprised austin with some quality bday song singing, and a candled birthday cake. 

tuesday: nicolaus woke up tuesday morning with a nasty case of food poisoning from leftover olive garden (in case you're wondering, it's not a good idea to leave it in your truck for a few hours before eating it). luckily, i was able to nurse him back to health with saltines, sprite, chicken soup from zupas, and a whole lotta movies.

wednesday: the hub was feeling all better so we went house hunting. our contract ends in august and it's already been signed away to a new couple, so it was pretty imperative we found something. usually things like this take hours/days/weeks, but the second place we looked at, we fell in love with. it's a cute little studio apartment that had everything we were looking for, and it's available in august, so we didn't hesitate to sign the contract. oh, and i finished the second season of mad men.

thursday: nick's band practice was canceled for the night, so we were able to make it up to michelle and jordan's wedding. michelle is a family friend of nick's from california, and i met her and her (now) husband once at my wedding before, but any introductions from that night are a bit of a blur, so this was my first time officially meeting them. so i felt a little creepy snapping a few shots of their wedding... ha but i couldn't help it. it was such a pretty wedding! plus i had to stream a few to kerry who was sad she couldn't be there...

friday: our friends grayson and brittany took nicolaus and i to this very pretty, somewhat unknown pond to go fishing. it was so beautiful, the sun was shining, and the (baby) fish were biting. i think only two full-grown fish were caught, but we kept getting a bunch of the tiniest fishes in the world. then, to keep with our fishy theme, we went and saw salmon fishing in yemen. i loved everything about this movie. it had an amazing cast, and lots of that british humor that is always so refreshing. then, we went over to the maddoxes to say bye to them before they leave for california for the summer. they had to clean out their fridge/pantry, so they sent us home with four massive garbage bags full of food. it was great. we won't have to grocery shop for months! it was sad to say goodbye, but at least we'll see them all in a few weeks at kerry and austin's wedding :)

saturday: had breakfast with the fam. it was good to hang out with them, cause it's hard to find a time these days when we're all available. then i went on a hike up stewart falls with beth, markell, and grace. the weather and waterfall were both beautiful, plus it was fun to catch up with the girlies at lunch afterwards at bajios. i was pretty tired when i got home, but nicolaus convinced me it was a good idea to go fishing up american fork he dragged me out of our apartment and we ended up having quite the adventure. we caught three fish and decided to make a campfire and cook them with some beans (that nicolaus naturally had in the back of his truck) for dinner. luckily, there were also some unreturned wedding presents still in his car, so we used measuring spoons to eat the beans. we wanted to sleep up there, but all the campsites were we'll definitely be making a more prepared weekend trip up there sometime soon.

sunday: this morning we drove up with austin to go to our friend tanner's farewell. he gave a great talk, it was fun to see some friends again, and we ate a bunch of delicious crepes. tanner's such a fun friend and we're gonna miss him but he's gonna make an awesome missionary in honduras! now the hub and i are just lounging and loving a lazy sunday :) hope you had a great week!