apparently once you're married father's day turns into father's weekend.
which is awesome. our father's weekend went something like this:

-drove up to syracuse and slept at nick's parent's house friday night

-spent saturday lounging by the pool, getting nielsen's frozen custard, guitar and pawn shopping, watching movies, having a delicious bbq with homemade chipotle burgers and bratwurst wrapped in bacon, turning rap songs into (ridiculous) acoustic ones, playing words with friends, and staying up late chatting/laughing with nick's family.

-sunday consisted of driving back to provo to make it to our ward to work (and by work i mean play) in the library, then going over to my parent's house to eat an amazing meal of salmon, shrimp, potatoes, avocados, and tomatoes, playing trivial pursuit (we combined the 80's version nick and i bought for my dad at a yard sale with the new version jean and grace bought him), then we went over to my cousin's house to see her newly re-furnished home and visit with my uncle who is visiting from australia. we ended up staying there until 11:00 after getting caught up in an intense uno game.

all in all, it was great to spend so much time with family and discover that i'm a big fan of father's weekend. nick and i have both been blessed with amazing dads and here are a few pretty classic pictures of us with them:

and lastly, i'd like to dedicate this for all the dad's out there: