so my mom has always been one to invite all the homesick byu students over to her house for sunday dinners. this usually ends up being about 5 to 856 people. since she hardly ever gets a sunday off to actually rest, nicolaus and i decided to invite her and my family over to our apartment for sunday dinner. i realized that it's a lot of work to cook for 7 people, but it also gave me an excuse to cook a real meal (which i've learned is hard to do when there's just two of you)

i also didn't want any help from nicolaus because i wanted to be able to take all the credit for what would (hopefully) be a delicious meal. so while nicolaus sat on the couch and watched a whole lotta top gear, i just yelled questions to him every now and then while i made chicken, rice (i lied, nick actually made the rice), rolls, asparagus, corn, carrots, and cake. the night before i even froze mint and strawberries into ice cubes for the water. i've never felt so domestic.

everything turned out pretty tasty and i think my mom felt very spoiled for a change :) plus, jean and grace were certain that they could beat me, nick, russell, my mom and my dad all in a game of trivial pursuit, so we couldn't pass up that challenge. we were actually pretty worried for most of the game because they were ahead of us, but eventually we came back and won! if you haven't already gathered my family takes board/card games pretty seriously so the night involved a lot of yelling, high-fives, couch-jumping, and the occasional smack on the head...haha it would be a lot less embarrassing if i was exaggerating. 

so anyways, the night quite the success. i meant to take more pictures, but it just kinda slipped my mind and here's the only half decent photo i ended up with: