it's been one of those busy weeks that the days and nights blend into each other, and the days go slow and the week goes fast. 
here are a few highlights of recent happenings:

one of my very best friends from byu freshman year had a bridal shower! i met brooklyn the day i moved into the dorms, and from then on we spent about 100% of time together. (this included sharing grace's twin size bed between the three of us...) and now we're all grown-up married/almost-married people! well maybe not entirely grown up...haha. but her fiance, john, is great and i'm so happy for the two of them. p.s. i straight-up stole this picture from grace's blog...shhh don't tell.

ever since we saw moonrise kingdom, i've been hearing about how the life aquatic with steve zissou is nick's favorite wes anderson movie. i had never seen it, so i bought the dvd and watched it with the hub. and i'm so glad i did because it was hilarious!

yesterday started out as a good ole fashioned girls day. i went with my mom and lauren to get much-needed manicures/pedicures. then we met up with lauren's mom, barbara (who also happens to be my mom's best friend), and nicolaus (who managed to crash the girls lunch:) to get some curry at india palace. then i went up provo river with nicolaus to go fly fishing. well, he fly fished while i took pictures and read. afterwards, we met up with my parents to go watch a byu dance recital. i love watching dance performances so it was a lot of fun, and made me remember how much i love so you think you can dance and especially the dance above.