saturday morning nicolaus and i headed up to his family's house in syracuse. we were going up for his cousin madison's baby shower and we decided to make a weekend of it. 

the shower was absolutely lovely. madison is the cutest little pregnant lady and is due any day now so i can not wait to meet her little baby girl! plus, i was in charge of bringing meringues for the dessert, so it was quite the accomplishment for me to learn from my mother dear how to make them :)

after the shower, the hub and i took a little trip down to gateway. a few days earlier my friend beth was wearing these shoes that i fell in love with. in love. i couldn't stop telling her all night how obsessed i was with them and that i might have to buy myself a pair...haha being the awesome friend that she is she told me where they were from, how much they were, and gave me her permission to copy her! so i did. they were the last pair and they were in my size so i'm pretty sure it was meant to be.

later that evening, nicolaus and i took his mom's amazing new motorcycle out for a spin and to do some back-to-school stationery shopping. we may or may not have stumbled upon a $5 dvd bin and ended up buying tristan & isolde, office space, caddyshack, one flew over the cuckoo's nest, and romeo & juliet (the leo version)...i have a serious weakness when it comes to buying movies.

anyyways now that you all now about my need for retail rehab, the rest of the weekend was very mellow. just lots of quality family time and relaxing. the perfect way to end our summer :) i'm a bit nervous for the start of my senior year of college (crazy right?? i don't know when i got so old), but i'm also excited for all the new experiences to come. hope you have a happy back to school and remember...