nicolaus and i have literally turned our lives inside out the last few days. we moved over the weekend and i'm still trying to figure out how we've acquired so much stuff in the last ten months. and how we managed to fit it into such an itty bitty apartment. and how we're going to fit it into an even smaller one...

this is how the last few days have gone:

friday: while nick was at work i spent all day packing our things into boxes. literally all day. lauren come over that night and hung out with us among the rubble one last time at that apartment. we chatted late into the night and i loved every second of it.

saturday: my dad had some coupons for breakfast at cranky chuckie's (never heard of it? me either.) so we thought saturday morning would be a good day to get the whole family together to go out for breakfast. turns out cranky chuckie's isn't open on saturday. i wasn't too heartbroken about it though, because we decided to go to communal instead. next time you're in provo on a saturday morning i highly recommend trying their breakfast. it is insanely good.

after breakfast is when the work began. between my family, nick's family coming down to provo to help, two trucks, and a lot of heavy lifting, we were able to move everything we own into our new studio apartment. minus our couches, because they wouldn't fit through the door... our new place is a bit smaller than our first apartment, but i love it so much more. it's the top floor of a house, which means we now have a real backyard and a garage. plus windows and skylights that actually get sunlight. plus it is so. cute. i am still in the process of cleaning/unpacking/organizing everything. but i cannot wait to finish then i will be posting some pictures of it!

aanyways so i did escape for a few hours of moving with my wonderful mother-in-law and sister-in-laws to go up to a baby shower for carissa in salt lake city. carissa is ashley's sister-in-law who already has the cutest little boy, finn, and is expecting her first girl next month. she's naming her penny which i think is the most adorable name. the whole shower was so cute and is was especially fun to see ashley and baby johnny for just a couple hours.

so after making it back to provo just as the boys were finishing moving, we only organized for a few minutes before calling it a day and going to my parents house for dinner. it was so fun to hang out with my family and nick's family together and it made for a night of extremely competitive bocce ball, the most hectic uno game, and a whole lotta laughter.

sunday: nick and i were very sad that it was our last week being the librarians at church in our ward. it's been a great ward with great callings, so we will missing it! that night my family was invited over to my friend jordan's house for dinner, so it was fun to get our families together. and even more fun when all of our friends came over later to play catch phrase. for about 18 hours. haha and i'm hardly exaggerating.

monday: i spent all day trying to downsize the amount of junk we have and pack everything away neatly into our new little studio. i got a lot done, but it's still a bit of a disaster. when nicolaus got off work we headed up to my parent's house for dinner and family home evening with them. afterwards, nick, russell, and i met up with some friends to go to rock canyon park where they set up a big screen in the summertime every monday night and watch a movie. so we snuggled up in blankets on the grass to watch puss in boots. it was the perfect summer night.

p.s. sorry about the lack of pictures on this post...but here's a favorite quote from pinterest to make up for it: