if you're not into young wives gushing about how perfect their husbands are you need to stop reading this right now. because i'm about to shamelessly brag about all the sweet things nicolaus did for me yesterday and how i'm the luckiest girl in the world yada yada yaa...but seriously.

it all started when nicolaus picked me up from a very long school day with a dozen of the most beautiful, sweet-smelling dip-tipped purple (cause purple's my favorite color) roses. for no good reason. and if that wasn't enough heart-melting for one day he told me that it was officially "shayla appreciation day" and that he was taking me to the restaurant of my choice then we were going to color me mine (one of my very favorite things to do in provo).

after a failed attempt to go to communal (they were closed last night for a private party), the only other restaurant i really felt like going to was tucano's. weird, right? i'm not a big meat-eater and i've never been the one to choose/approve going to tucano's because it usually just stresses me out because no one can eat meat as fast as they bring it around to you. but i just really wanted those cheesy rolls of theirs. plus i knew nicolaus - who had never been there before - would be all about the abnormal amounts of meat/food. 

the sweetness of the hub continued when tucano's had a 20 minute wait and he suggested we go look around at soel. a.k.a. my very favorite boutique in provo that's in the same shopping area as tucano's. they just got in some printed leggings - the same kind i've been looking around for a good pair of - so nicolaus bought me a pair :) the perfect pair. the design/colors were everything i wanted pluuus they are the softest/warmest things i have ever worn.

after our good find at soel we mosied back to tucano's for quite the feast. nicolaus was in heaven and those cheesy rolls were just as cheesy and rolly as i remembered. after dinner, we walked over to color me mine to paint some pottery. i painted a soap dispenser (our bathroom is desperately in need of a new one), and nicolaus painted the very raddest skull mug. it was the perfect ending to a perfect evening :)

i do love that hub of mine :)