two weeks ago nicolaus and i took a little weekend camping trip to city of rocks with kerry, austin & nicole. (i thought it would be easier to take a disposable camera so i just barely got my photos from the trip developed..) this was my very first camping/climbing trip and it was just as awesome/scary/fun as i thought it would be. austin's been climbing basically since the womb and we're always hearing climbing/camping stories from him and how he basically grew up at city of rocks. they always sound so fun so i was so excited when he invited me and nicolaus on this trip!

city of rocks was just as magical as it sounded. there are these massive boulders all over this beautiful field and it made me feel like i had been transported to somewhere from lord of the rings. basically my dream come true...the actual climbing was so cool too. it was different and harder than anything i've done before and it made it really fun. i was always so nervous to try a route, but there's no feeling quite like finishing one that you thought would be impossible. i even did my very first crack climb! haha i felt very accomplished about that.

it was just plain old good times with good friends...

 nicole's single sleeper

austin leading tricky stuff

our engagement photo


nicolaus made a friend

austin our handy tour guide

kerry june & me

shootin' the breeze

the whole crew :)