this last week has been one of those weeks where the days all blend into each other and 
my memories from the past few days all feel like one big blur.

thank goodness for iphones.

and that i managed to snap a few photos of the happenings as of late:

i've been painting the bookshelves red.

i've been walking to school.

i've been ikea shopping with my niece, gwenna.

i've been snap chatting with markelly.

i've been having a yard sale.

i've been watching mike play dress up at our yard sale.

i've been playing croquet with johnny and ashley.

i've been eating grilled peaches and ice cream.

i've been growing wheat grass.

i've been reading in the park.

i've been watching nicolito practice casting.

i've been chopping lettuce.

i've been having dinner with gwenna.

i've been holding one hundred trillion dollars.