nicolaus and i celebrated our one year anniversary monday night. i'm still not sure when i got old enough to be i'm celebrating anniversaries! it's pretty mind blowing. life does not slow down...luckily i get to spend it with my best friend :)

the night started with a dozen beautiful red roses. then my husband (a.k.a closet gourmet chef) made us the most delicious/fancy dinner of filet mignon wrapped in bacon, asparagus, garlic mashed potatoes, and sauteed mushrooms. after such an extravagant meal, it only seemed right to top it off with our year old wedding cake, right? well, whoever started that tradition of eating your wedding cake needs to be informed that it's neither romantic or delicious. our cake was great the night of our wedding, but a year later it was just a whole bunch of freezer-burned staleness. 

so nicolaus and i decided to start a whole new tradition of our own. since one year is your paper anniversary, we thought it would be fun to send off a chinese floating lantern. then, when deciding how many to send off we realized it would be really cool to light as many years into our marriage we are at each anniversary. imagine our 50th anniversary with a whole bunch of grandkids helping us send of 50 floating lanterns? it sounds magical.

before sending our first one off, that hub of mine even wrote some lyrics from our wedding song on the lantern. i love not being the only hopeless romantic in this relationship..ha but we did run into a bit of an issue when sending off our first lantern...apparently we choose a very windy time of year to get we may not have ended up romantically gazing up at our first chinese lantern floating away in the night sky, but i did get to watch nicolaus chase a massive flame across the park, then the wind rip the entire thing apart when he picked it up. and that was pretty funny. better luck next year, right?