this last weekend started off with a bang as i accidentally bleached my hair reeeeal blonde. i mean it when i say accidentally because i didn't actually mean to end up so blonde...but i don't think i did a very good job explaining my vision of a blonde melt to my hair dresser so i came out with an entire head of nearly-platinum hair. fortunately, i think i like it. the only problem is that under some lighting it looks kinda yellow/orangey which i hate but am hoping it will fade out with a few more washes. and now you know more than you ever wanted to about my hair...well, here's an embarassing photo that i snapchatted of myself and for some reason think it's okay to post on the internet even though i know i'll look back and  feel really dumb that i did that...haha but you can decide for yourself what you think:

friday evening, nicolaus and i headed up to syracuse to spend general conference weekend with his family. we made a pit stop along the way to go to his lds mission reunion in lehi. i've heard so many of his mission stories that it was fun for me to meet a lot of people in those stories and i now have faces to put to their names. i also realized how small the mormon world is. people came from all over to attend the reunion, but i still managed to make connections with a bunch of them. such as, nick's mission president who went on his mission to south africa and knew my oupa (grandpa), one guy's fiancee who grew up with all the guys i hung out with my freshman year at byu, someone who went on a study abroad with one of my best friends, another guy who is roommates with a bunch of my high school friends....etc.

the hub and i eventually made it up to syracuse and had a wonderfully relaxing weekend filled with inspirational messages from conference, watching nick's little sister, emma, ride at a horse show, going through my very first corn maze (i was terrified the whole time because all i could think about was the shining), going on a tractor ride and picking a pumpkin out of a pumpkin patch, family dinners, and long motorcycle rides up the canyon to see all the pretty leaves. we were only gone for two nights but it felt like a much needed holiday from real life.