this last week was a bit of a rough one when it came to health. 
which was no good since it was all leading up to my very first half marathon. it went a little like this:

monday: sore throat.

tuesday: sore throat and the sniffles.

wednesday: sore throat, sinus pressure, runny nose, aching body, headache, exhaustion.

thursday: sore throat, runny nose, aching body, cough.

friday: runny nose, cough, stomach pains and cramps. try to fall asleep at 11 but nerves kick in and can't. finally take some nyquil at 1:30 and fall asleep about 30 minutes later.

saturday a.k.a. race day:

5:30 am wake up. don't think the nyquil's worn off...first thought: i am never signing up for one of these again.

6:00 am meet up with racing buddies: russell, kerrybrittanybeth & grace.

6:30-7:30 am wait in the freezing weather for a bus that was supposed to shuttle us to the race at 6:30 sharp...are they trying to torture us?

7:45-9:45 am huddle in a tent at the top parking lot of sundance just waiting for the race to start...whyyy did they want us here so early?

9:45 am our waive is finally allowed to start. running is a strange sensation when you're body is so cold it has absolutely no feeling.

10:00 am sticking with beth, kerry & brittany. this isn't so bad! i'm starting to get feeling back and i'm not even tired because it's all downhill. plus i just get to chat with my friends.

10:10 am beth, kerry & brittany stop for a walking break. i'm gonna just keep running until i feel too exhausted to anymore. i'm sure they'll catch up to me in a few minutes. 

10:15 am my knee starts to hurt. i'm sure it's just from not stretching and being so cold. it will go away if i just keep running.

11:00 am still by myself and see a trail with runners on the other side of the river and think maybe they took a different path. knee pain keeps getting worse. keep taking walking/stretching breaks to ease the pain. but i'm on an adrenalin kick and surprised i don't feel exhausted by the running. 

11:20 am excruciating pain down my entire right leg. running and walking both hurt equally so i just keep running. i'm sure that the other girls have managed to pass me somehow. 

11:50 am make it to the finish! i'm shocked that i made such a good time because i felt like i was running a lot slower than that. i also felt so loved to have family and friends all waiting and cheering for me at the end :)

after i finished running, walking/bending my knee felt like torture. but standing around and taking pictures with everyone on what had turned into a beautiful, sunny fall day was just wonderful. i was surprised at how spritely i felt after running my first half marathon (with a recovering cold) and that my face didn't even turn into the red mess that it usually does after any sort of physical exertion!

i was shocked that i had to wait around awhile for the other girls that i started with, but figured they must have just walked a lot of it. but it was fun being able to cheer for them and take pictures as they finished. it wasn't until we had all collected our medals, checked our times, and gone to take a group picture that i made a shocking discovery. i told the girls that i had seen runners on the other side of the river and i thought maybe they were on a different path, when someone asked..."wait, did you not turn and run on the other path for four miles?" whaaat???? i had no idea that we were supposed to turn anywhere and not just follow that one path. i just went straight the whole way. and accidentally skipped four miles. four miles. i didn't actually just run a half marathon. i just ran nine miles in the freezing cold, dressed as a cat, on a sore leg to get a medal that i didn't actually earn. 

this realization was so ridiculous and i don't know if i've ever actually felt so stupid...that it was really just hilarious. on one hand, i was ecstatic that i didn't have to run a second longer than i did, but on the other hand, i was just really bummed that now i can't cross "run a half marathon" off my bucket list. now i have to sign up for another one and go through all the torture again. buuut through all the pain of it, there really is something about running races. all the energy is pretty thrilling and i am curious to see how i can do in one that isn't during the fall/winter, i haven't been sick the week before, and without an aching leg. plus when else do you have an excuse to cozy up in bed all day, watch a solid five hours of gossip girl, with an ice pack to numb your sore knee, and chicken soup to soothe your throat and warm your belly?


me & the speedy 1st waive runners. (photobombed by ashley)

johnny in the chubby wubby club.

beth gurl at the finish

playing with leaves

the parentals hanging out

eating leaves

cutie pies

brittany the jedi finishing

kerry the cat finishing

i didn't actually earn making this photo...haha oops?