one of nick's childhood friends, landon, and his wife, vanessa, just had the most adorable baby girl, payton. they live in idaho, and this was the perfect excuse to road trip up there for their baby's blessing. pluuus it was vanessa's birthday on saturday. so it made for a trip filled with friends, food (lots of it), surprise birthday parties, all-girl shopping sprees, babies galore, and one especially sweet the form of a siamese kitten.

i was sitting around just chatting when landon's mom, allison, comes into the room holding the most precious kitten i had ever seen. like a five year old child i squealed with delight and proceeded to play/cuddle with her for the rest of the day. allison's cat just had kittens and she told me that she had decided that either nicolaus and i or kerry and austin would be going home with a kitten. kerry and austin have very recently rescued the cutest kitten from a fate that we won't talk about...which meant that it was up to me to convince nicolaus that we needed to keep this lovely ball of fluff. i have previously failed to convince him that it would be a good idea to keep a ferret, puppy, or giant continental i was a bit worried it. but apparently he's a whole lot more persuadable after a ten hour fishing day. plus as soon as he saw her baby blue eyes he melted and agreed that we could keep her! 

after doing lots of name-storming, ashley came up with olive. it fits her perfectly and i just loved it, so olive it was. nicolaus and i have already had so much fun playing with her, and she's been such an easy, independent, friendly little ball of joy to have around. i've always been a dog person, and never even had a cat. mostly because growing up my dad, sister, and i were all allergic. but i think i've mostly grown out of it/wonder if siamese are hypoallergenic? because i've been just fine around olive! just another sign that it was meant to be :)

the newest addition to our family :)

nicolaus snuggling baby payton.

raddest polar bear christmas display at anthropologie.

baby playtime.

happy birthday vanessa!

snuggle buggin.

austin and kitty in a pocket.

sometimes olive falls asleep mid playtime.

 kittens make road trips more fun.