Monday, November 26, 2012

back to the grind.

hope you all had a wonderful thanksgiving weekend. i only had class on monday so the long weekend just sort of morphed into one long, beautiful vacation from school/any sort of responsibility...but let's break it down now.
it went something like this...

tuesday: grace, jean, nicolaus & i made the trek up to salt lake for a double date. which consisted of some insanely delicious belgian waffle from bruges waffles and frites. then we headed over to broadway theatre to see searching for sugarman. it was an incredible story and i would highly recommend this documentary to anyone!

wednesday: it was my dad's birthday, and since he had just gotten home from a business trip to austria/france he was still a bit jet-lagged and ill from all the rich european foods so he insisted on not doing anything fancy. so we brought over take-out from zupas and had a fun evening at my parents house eating soup, opening presents, and playing games. afterwards, my dear, pie-loving brother threw his 2nd annual pie party and it turned out to be quite the event. nicolaus and i made a pie-zookie (basically a pazookie in pie form). the pies were all delicious but the best part about the whole thing had to be the after party. a.k.a. a few close friends doing our best to overstay our welcome at grace's parent's house by staying up talking/laughing until about 1am...

thursday: turkey day. it did not disappoint. we went over to my parents house and had a wonderful lazy holiday binging on the extended versions of lord of the rings (they are about 4-5 hours long and i'm proud to say we got through the entire first one and half of the second), turkey, family & enough ginger pudding to make an elephant sick.

friday: nicolaus and i went up to his parent's house in syracuse to spend some more quality family time. we mostly just lazed around in the morning before going up to the hot pots in idaho and then out for dinner.

saturday: the ladies all spent the day making christmas treats while the boys put up the christmas tree and decorations. it was all very festive and the perfect way to start of the christmas season :) then we went out on a family date of dinner and a movie. we saw the latest james bond and i loved it a lot. it's definitely my favorite of the three daniel craig james bond movies.

sunday: i think maybe all the holiday food/cold weather/lack of sleep finally caught up to nicolaus because he started to not feel too well. so we just spent the day sleeping and reading before going to dinner at his grandma & grandpa's house on the way back to provo. we topped off the weekend by snuggling up and watching eternal sunshine of the spotless mind.

now it's monday and it's back to the grind of real life. last weekend was just the break i needed before going headfirst into final papers, projects & exams. wish me luck! i'll certainly need it...
i definitely failed in the picture-taking department this weekend, but luckily grace had a few on her blog that i stole...

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