Wednesday, November 28, 2012

don't eat spicy food.

nicolaus is a real american. he loves his junk food. if he had his way he would eat nothing but hot dogs and only drink mountain dew. so he was pretty bummed out today after a full day of doctors offices, hospital rooms, an ekg, an xray, a blood test & one endoscopy that the pain he's been having in his chest/stomach for the last few days has been from esophageal ulcers. i didn't even realize you could get those before a few hours ago...but apparently, it started with a hiatal hernia that made nasty bubbly little ulcer monsters form all over my poor hub's esophagus. which means he has to avoid acidic or spicy foods and soda pop. i feel so bad for him but i'm glad that at least we know what is and why he hasn't been able to choke down any food lately and what to do to heal himself. oh, and i also found he makes a really friendly druggie...


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    1. haha i know whatever they gave him made him very very happy