things have been getting pretty busy around here with the holidays rolling in and finals getting closer and closer. but i absolutely love this time of year and always seem to find it difficult to focus on my studies with thanksgiving/christmas festivities in the air. so i might be just a bit guilty of neglecting all the homework and studying i should be doing and having too much fun are a few things i've been procrastinating with this last week:

  • p.f. chang's then christmas shopping date night with the hub.
  • visiting/uno playing with michele and daniel.
  • going to the premiere of the last twilight movie with nicolaus, markelly & her fam. and enjoying every ridiculous second of it. (don't judge me...)
  • games/dessert night at kerry & austin's house.
  • girls breakfast at magleby's fresh.
  • being american and shooting guns out by utah lake.
  • hanging out at nick's grandma & grandpa's house.

and i even managed to snag a few pictures along the way...