yesterday was a day of highs and lows if there ever was one. it started with the lowest of lows...

so remember when i introduced our kitten olive as the newest member of our family? and briefly mentioned a slight fear of my allergies to cats? well, i figured if i started getting them with her i could take some sort of medicine, vacuum a whole lot, and just control them. unfortunately, not only did my allergies decide to kick in, but my asthma too. we're talking puffy, stinging eyelids, itchy eyes, runny nose, hives, weezy-barely-able-to-breathe breath, and a nasty cough. it felt as disgusting as it sounds. i tried claratin and a few things, but nothing helped. i was in denial for a bit, but knew deep down we wouldn't be able to keep this newfound love of mine. 

we had brought her over to my parents house when these five little kids that live next door came over wanting to play with the kitten. they played with her for an entire afternoon, then came knocking at their door at six fifty to play with her again. i knew olive would be loved in this little family, so i decided to give her to them. knowing this didn't make it much easier yesterday morning my heart literally felt like it was being crushed when the time came to hand over this little snuggly ball of love. i've been cursing my allergies and have already cried on at least 8 different occasions about it...this might all sound a bit dramatic but i honestly didn't realize i could get attached to an animal so quickly. she was seriously the most perfect cat and i'm just glad she'll be right next door to my parents and i have visitation rights.

i also felt so bad taking her away from nicolaus because he loved her so much too, but he's been so sweet about the whole ordeal. he and my friends and family have offered lots of words of comfort and here are a few of my favorite ones:

"you just need to have a baby because they're cute and cuddly and don't have any fur." -mom

"you can come play with lucy whenever you want." -austin

"this is the saddest story i've never been apart of. i'm so so sorry you sweet baby." -abigayle

yesterday evening was just what i needed after one of the most heartbreaking mornings of my life. it started by going to dinner at the malte shoppe with nicolaus and one of my very best friends all the way from childhood, lauren. i've driven by this diner probably a million times in my life and it was fun to actually eat there for the first time. the best part was all the oldies they played from the jukebox. plus reminiscing on old times with nick and lauren. after dinner, lauren and i headed up to salt lake to go see the faint play a show.

the faint have been one of my favorite bands for as long as i can remember, so it was absolutely amazing to see them live. plus i can check it off the bucket list i made in high school...ha but honestly they sounded perfect and they played basically all of my old favorites, and the entire danse macabre album. there were so many moments i thought my heart would explode out of my chest from sheer adrenalin and bliss.

if you've never listened to the faint before a few of my favorites include:

glass danse
posed to death
desperate guys
how could i forget
i disappear
dropkick the punks
phone call