so you know how proud parents like to take proud photos of their kids on the first day of school?   
well sometimes husbands like to take proud photos of their wife on the last day of school (for 3 weeks)...

also, sometimes (insert drum roll) you get to go to australia for christmas break so you decide to have an early christmas so you don't have to cart presents halfway around the, what better way to celebrate finals being finished than with christmas???

i got him:
a baseball tee
two pairs of his favorite/the toastiest carhartt socks
a red fold beanie to replace his one that fell out of the car...
one of his favorite albums on vinyl
tickets to the alabama shakes concert

he got me:
moravian ginger spice cookies...that i mostly just wanted for the tin
amazing red velvet leggings
the most beautiful summer dress i can't wait to wear in oz!
and a gorgeous winter coat :)

it was so fun to have our own little family christmas celebration and see the happy look on his face when he opened his gifts! plus over the weekend we had an early christmas present opening/traditional danish dinner with nick's family! needless to say, i am feeling incredibly lucky/blessed/spoiled :)