Monday, December 31, 2012

happy new year.

last night we rung in the new year with family, friends & fireworks.  my cousin's girlfriend, jesse, happens to have the perfect view of sydney harbour from her patio, so we watched the famous/spectacular firework show from there. 

hope you have a wonderfully happy new year!! i know i can't wait to see what 2013 brings :)


  1. Oh hey! I know your friend Grace. Well no actually I just know of her I guess I should say. She wouldn't know me so don't ask her about it or anything, ha I'm just her sister Anne's age. I like them both a lot though, I've always thought they were both soo pretty.
    Anyways, fun making small connections in the blogging world. :) I also enjoyed reading your post about Eddie and his stories about WW2. It really is crazy thinking about all of that, I can't imagine actually living through it. He seemed like a really sweet man though, I'm really wanting to go to that museum now.

    1. ha no way what a small world! grace was actually one of my best friends from high school then she ended up dating and marrying my older brother, so we're sister-in-laws now!

      and he really was incredible. if you ever get a chance to go to sydney and go to the jewish museum definitely take it :)