so my sweet sister, tessa, just found out that she is having another baby girl!!! she already has one toddler, gwenna, who is the most adorable little thing. so i cannot wait to meet her new little sister who is bound to be just as lovely :) it's so crazy that my only sister, who i've been close to my entire life, and is one of my very biggest role models, is now going to be a mother to her own little set of sisters. i'm so so so thrilled for her because she really makes the most amazing big sister and mama.

and to make it all even better, nick's sister, kirstine also just found out she is having a baby girl! within the same week as tessa. i'm so excited for the third week of april when the number of my nieces triples :)

me & tessa back in the day
(as you can tell i definitely earned my nickname "thunderthighs")