in case anyone is wondering how i've been spending finals week...i'll tell you.
have i been cramming in last minute study sessions? not really.
have i been taking my exams? i took one.
have i been getting ready/packing for australia? nope.
have i been watching countless hours of sons of anarchy? yes. 
and i might be underestimating when i say countless.

 i might be a complete sucker for all sorts of tv series, but nicolaus is not one for watching any sort of film that's going to take more than a two hour commitment. and it looks like i have finally found the exception :) we are both officially hooked. and let me tell you, it's great to have someone i can cuddle/yell at the tv with for hours on end. it might be the downfall of our academic lives, but i think it's worth it. except that you probably shouldn't trust my underslept sense of judgment right now...all i'm saying is that if facebook/pinterest/instagram aren't big enough distractions and you need something more entertaining to procrastinate with, try the first five seasons of sons of anarchy.

p.s. in case anyone was wondering about the nonchalant australia comment, it's true. nicolaus and i are going to that beautiful country with my family over the christmas holiday. and i cannot wait! :)