yesterday nicolaus and i had a whole lot of fun exploring the sydney contemporary art museum.  we saw some amazing things and people as well.  i loved walking around and hearing all the different accents and languages from people all around the world.  i don't know if you know this, but i don't know if there is anything more adorable than hearing little kids speak french.

the main exhibit was the work of anish kapoor, and it was incredible.  i loved just how interactive the whole thing was.  it felt like i was at an adult playground of sorts.  everything tripped up your senses and confused your depth perception in the most fascinating of ways.  i don't have photos of it above, but my favorite thing was this white mound that popped rather far out of the wall when you first saw it from the side, but when you walk around to look at it straight on it completely disappeared!  i think i was just walking around in awe with my jaw dropped halfway to the floor the entire time...

"influenced by both his indian heritage and western philosophy, in particular metaphysics, kapoor’s 
artworks seek to understand what it is to be human.  explore Kapoor’s interest in the relationship between the contrasting forces of light and dark and see how he uses colour, form, size and medium to challenge perception, developing immersive and sometimes unsettling experiences."  -review from the  about the exhibition pamphlet