-went to sydney harbor and ate fish and chips.

-toured the inside of the opera house. i've never seen the inside before and let me tell you those danes know their architecture. it was incredible. now i'm just dying to go to an actual show there.

-rode the cutest little train around the botanical gardens. i was salivating over the greenery. i may be just a bit too deprived of tropical plants/anything green right now in utah...

-rode a boat to darling harbor.

-saw a koala bear. i'm thinking about stealing it and taking it home to be my new, cuddly pet.

-went to madame tussauds. i've always wanted to go to a wax museum and this was my very first one! it was everything i wanted to be and i had way too much fun posing with some of my favorite icons.

-after a very busy, very fun, very touristy day we went over to my aunt and uncle's for the most delicious dinner. it was so nice to see family that i haven't seen in years and to introduce them to nick!