spiral thread globe lamp.

 adjustable non-stick burger press.

 penguin covers for video games.

 eraser on one end/brush on the other to sweep away eraser rubbings.
 garret leight//thierry lasy sunglasses.

 swiss alps panorama knife.

 fish eye, wide-angle & macro lens for your iphone.

flexible shelving.
carbon fiber apple magic mouse.

to my dearest blogosphere friends,

some friends and i are developing this new idea. 
one that means we could all buy some pretty awesome stuff at a pretty awesome price. 

we want to start a website that carries innovative/well-designed products (just like the ones pictured above), and the more people that buy them the more money everyone saves. you know, like buying in bulk means you save? but this way, you don't have to buy 12 of the exact same thing. 

the item would be available for a certain amount of time and as people buy it, the discount would increase for everyone. at the end of the allotted time, cards are charged and everyone gets the same discount. 

are you sold yet? i am. if you think this is as wonderful an idea as i do please comment and let me know! and if you think i'm crazy and this is the stupidest thing you've ever heard, please feel free to burst my bubble. but in all seriousness, any feedback will be greatly appreciated :)