this last week has been rather hectic, to say the least. it seems like the first week of school is always like that. between finding classes (yes, i did go into the wrong class on the first day and it took me a solid ten minutes to realize it before awkwardly doing the walk of shame...i thought these things only happened as a freshman??), buying books/supplies (yes, i did have to go to four different places before finding everything i need), and trying to get into the swing of things (yes, i'm still recovering from jet lag) it seems like there is no time left for the important things in life. like eating. or blogging. 

but i do have to admit that i think i am going to absolutely love my classes this semester. it's my first time taking any graphic design specific classes and so far i love them all. i've had this giddy-good-things-are-going-to-happen feeling all week :)

plus, this weekend has been a good one so far. i've failed miserably at documenting any of it...but let me tell you of some of the best highlights:

  • bouldering at the quarry. i haven't climbed in months and only attempted bouldering twice in my life...keyword attempted, i had never actually finished a route before. so when nicolaus, kerry, austin, dave and i found the quarry far too crowded for actual climbing and decided on bouldering i was pretty nervous. they're all avid climbers and usually prefer bouldering so they didn't think twice about it. but once i tried and successfully finished my first routes i was pretty excited about it. it reminded me how much fun climbing is and made me want to work on bouldering and get stronger/better at it. 

  • going to see daniel's work in a show in slc. daniel is my cousin, michele's, husband. they're both incredible artists and when a new gallery was opening in salt lake they asked daniel to show a piece in their opening show. the opening day was while we were all in australia, so yesterday we caught the last day of it. it was a cool little gallery and fun little trip. plusss, it gave us a good excuse for my next highlight...

  • took  a trip to trader joe's. the first trader joe's in utah just recently opened in salt lake, so i was thrilled to finally make a trip up there and stock up on some of my favorite treats/brands only found there! the store was completely packed which gives me hope that they'll open more in utah (hopefully soon/hopefully in provo)...but for now it was well worth the 45 minute trip.

p.s. i know the photo is pretty irrelevant to this post, but i hope you have a happy sunday :)