i've wanted to read life of pi for just about as long as i can remember, but never got around to it. but then there was all this buzz about the movie and how amazing the movie is and how life changing the movie is yada yada ya...basically i really wanted to see the movie. which meant i had to read the book first. so i did. and i'm so soo happy i did.

it was one of the most beautiful books i've ever read and wanted to read it again as soon as i put it down. now the only thing i'm afraid of is being disappointed by the movie, cause i don't know how it will even come close to the loveliness of this book! i also think maybe a big reason why i liked it was all the stuff about religion. religion has always been a pig part in my life so it was cool/refreshing to have it intertwined in a fictional story. even if religion isn't your thing, i always think it's interesting to understand what drives people to live the way they do.

i think this is one everyone should read at least once in their life.