i just finished reading on the road by jack kerouac. i've read the original scroll before, which is basically kerouac's very very rough draft of this book. needless to say, reading this completed version of on the road made for a much easier, more sensible read. even though the original scroll was interesting and had its own unique charm, i loved reading the finished draft even more. 

i just don't think anybody sees the world the way jack kerouac does. or at least realizes that they do. kerouac has this incredible way of putting things-anything really-into simple truths. reading any of his words really just inspires me in every way. there's not really any major problem that needs fixing or solving in this book, but it's more just about a journey. to explore and to live. it's no wonder at all that this book was the foundation of the entire beat generation.

this whole book was like reading one amazing quote after another, but i chose two of my favorites to make the images above. and yes, that is a real life picture of kerouac himself :)