thursday was my 22nd birthday! and nicolaus saw to it that i was exceptionally spoiled :)

the celebrations started wednesday on my birthday eve when we went out to eat at bombay house with my family then opened presents. i got an instax camera which i couldn't be more excited about! on my actual birthday we went to breakfast in the morning, then shopping, canoeing in the afternoon, dinner at black sheep cafe with friends in the evening & had cake/ice cream party at night. i'm real big on birthdays (or really any holiday) and this one was perfect.

i love canoeing and the only time i've ever gone was years ago at girls camp. so when nicolaus rented a canoe and we took it on the lake it made for quite a magical afternoon. it was a perfect sunny, windless day and we basically had the entire lake to ourselves! we sunbathed, read, fished, chatted, saw so many sweet baby ducklings and just rowed around. at certain points i felt like i was on pirates of the caribbean, the notebook and lord of the rings. bizarre combination i know...but it just worked out and i loved every moment of it. except for the mosquitoes...but even those little pesks couldn't ruin the excursion!

i felt so special and soo loved all day! i feel so lucky to be blessed with so many amazing people in my life. i think 22 is gonna be a good year :)

p.s. and in case you were wondering, i did have taylor swift stuck in my head for 99.9% of the day...